Music That Moves Us

by Matt Crouch

Once again this year TBN is honored to partner with the Gospel Music Association as the exclusive broadcaster of the Dove Awards — hands-down the most exciting evening of the year in contemporary Christian music. The Doves represent the gold standard for Christian singers, songwriters, and musicians, and we’re thrilled to share this special night of honors, excitement, and life-changing music with our TBN viewers around the world.

More than ever before, Christian music is attracting the attention of individuals across the earth, and it’s not difficult to understand why. In a world that is growing more unpredictable by the day, people everywhere are looking for a place of peace, hope, and healing. And they’re finding it in this music that touches the deep places of people’s hearts.

Over the past several months Laurie and I have personally witnessed this phenomenon as TBN has partnered closely with Hillsong Worship, which is well represented at this year’s Dove Awards. Just a few weeks ago we were on hand for the Red Carpet premiere of the big-screen theatrical worship experience, Hillsong — Let Hope Rise, which has since impacted millions of movie-goers across America.

Hillsong United, one of this year's Dove Award nominees.
Hillsong United, one of this year’s Dove Award nominees.

And earlier this summer TBN had the privilege of joining with Hillsong in the launch of one of television’s most innovative new networks, the Hillsong Channel. This awesome addition to the TBN family is bringing all the excitement and life-transforming power of Hillsong’s worship, concerts, and sold-out stadium events to viewers across the globe.

Laurie and I have had the opportunity to watch up close the response of people to this music that invites God’s presence and power, and here’s what we’ve seen: Individuals everywhere are primed to dive head-long into the oceans of God’s love — and the music represented through the Dove Awards is helping them get there. It sets the stage, opens the door, and ushers us into the presence of a God whose mercy and grace set us free.

Check out some of the exciting highlights from participants below, and join us here at TBN for the exclusive broadcast of this year’s GMA Dove Awards, Sunday October 16th at 7 p.m. Pacific (9 p.m. Central, 10 p.m. Eastern).