His Story — Our Story

by Matt Crouch

There is nothing that stirs our hearts more than to hear the story of someone whose life has been dramatically transformed by hearing the message of hope and grace through Jesus. As you might expect, over the years Laurie and I have heard many such stories as individuals contact us here at TBN from around the world to tell us how they were saved, healed, delivered, or their circumstances were miraculously changed through a program or message they experienced on TBN.

Several months ago we began to pull a few of those stories together under the heading of “TBN My Story,” as individuals sat down before our cameras and simply told what Jesus had done for them through the miracle of TBN.

For example, there’s Diamond Freidel, whose father was a drug addict and whose mother was in prison — but who found hope and freedom through Jesus as a result of watching TBN.


And then there’s the beautiful story of a lady named Beloved Jones, who was moments away from murdering her abusive stepfather, when she was suddenly stopped by a kind voice coming from the television in a nearby room. The TV was tuned to TBN, and the voice was that of my dear mother, Jan Crouch, assuring Beloved that God would be her best friend, no matter what. With tears streaming down her face Beloved turned away from the tragic act she was poised to commit, and miraculously God delivered her from that abusive situation — and Beloved is loving and serving God today.


Of course, not everyone’s story of turning to Jesus is that dramatic. For many of us, putting our faith in Christ happened as we became increasingly aware that, as hard as we tried, we just couldn’t be good enough on our own to come to God. We needed a Savior, and God in His perfect love provided His one and only Son to reconcile us to Him and make us His sons and daughters — “accepted in the beloved” (Ephesians 1:6).

The truth is that however each of our stories of coming to Jesus played out, our story is ultimately His story — a story of God seeking and saving those who were lost without Him. And as His children, saved by grace, we’re all part of a glorious, ongoing narrative that will one day be played out in full as we stand before God’s throne in eternity.

The joy we have here at TBN is to know that each and every day, untold thousands of individuals across the earth are being added to His story because of the life-changing programming they have experienced on our global family of networks. Thank you for helping make that happen.

It may be that you or someone you know has just such a story of a life changed because of the miracle of TBN. If so we would love to hear from you. Visit us at our “My Story” page  HERE and share what God has done through TBN.