Powered by Prayer

by Matt Crouch

With TBN’s first broadcast on May 28, 1973, a small team of prayer partners took to the phones to respond to viewers who called in to our new prayer line. Nearly forty-four years later, TBN’s team of dedicated prayer partners — now over 140 strong — is still faithfully responding to phone calls twenty-four hours a day from people who need someone to listen and agree with them in prayer.

Our prayer partner coordinator, Robbie Mickley, keeps track of the calls that come in to TBN’s 24-hour prayer department, and she reported that throughout 2016 our prayer partners responded to nearly one million calls from individuals across the earth needing prayer for salvation, healing, broken relationships, finances, and many other needs.

All told, since TBN went on the air in 1973 we’ve recorded over forty million salvations, and throughout 2016 over 6,000 individuals called TBN’s prayer line for salvation or to re-dedicate their lives to Christ. Additionally, over 7,000 individuals called to offer praise reports for prayers answered.

For our dedicated prayer partners, there is no greater reward for what they do than to hear a report of another salvation, healing, restored marriage, financial need met, or some other miracle. Pastor D Robinson, TBN’s Director of Pastoral Care, put it this way:

“This is why we’re here — to see lives changed, people saved and brought into the kingdom of God, and for individuals and families to find abundant life through Christ. And we rejoice over every single person who is touched and changed by God through TBN.”

Of course, none of what we do on a daily basis would be possible without the ongoing prayers of you, our dear partners. I’m reminded of an old saying that goes something like this: “Little Prayer, Little Power — Much Prayer, Much Power.” Believe me, every member of our TBN team deeply covets the fervent prayers and intercession of our many prayer partners like you around the world. Your “Much Prayer” makes all the difference! And make no mistake, you share personally in the eternal reward for every soul that comes to Christ, every body healed, every life changed through the outreach of your TBN.

Sal DiBianca is just one of untold millions whose life has been touched by TBN’s prayer partners. View his story below — and if you have a need you can contact TBN’s prayer line 24 hours a day toll free at 1-888-731-1000.

Sal Video Image