Truly Thankful

by Matt and Laurie Crouch

“Oh, give thanks to the God of heaven! For His mercy endures forever.” — Psalm 136:26

As we enter the holiday season this week with Thursday’s Thanksgiving celebration, more than a few Americans are facing the aftermath of some horrendous tragedies that hit our nation over the past several months.

From the hurricanes and flooding that pounded Houston and Florida this fall, to the sequence of senseless attacks that have happened recently in such locales as Las Vegas, a northern California elementary school, and a tiny church in a quiet Texas town — many good people, families, and even entire communities will be struggling with heartache and loss this Thanksgiving.

And there are many more individuals across our nation, and around the world, for which heartache and uncertainty are a way of life through the curse of poverty, turmoil, and impossible circumstances.

Of course, there are no easy answers for what these individuals have gone through and continue to face. In fact, there is only one answer at all: His Name is Jesus. And as individuals who have been redeemed by His death and resurrection, you and I have the privilege — and the responsibility —  to take the power of His Name into these and other difficult and heart-wrenching circumstances that those around us face every day.

Through praying, going, giving, and touching people right where we find them, we are doing the important kingdom work of contending for God’s mercy in an increasingly out-of-control world.

We believe this is the true spirit that should motivate us as we celebrate Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season. Thankfulness in our hearts and on our lips for the promise of God’s enduring mercy will empower us to take that mercy into even the most trying and desperate of situations we find around us. And as we reach out and touch in the Name of Jesus, God promises that He will respond with help, hope, and healing.

Will you join us in giving thanks to God this holiday season by committing to take His mercy to those in need?

May God bless you and yours.